A sane bot for most chat applications, written in modern Perl

Supports IRC, AIM, Jabber, HipChat, and Slack, and can be extended to other chat services. This bot was written purely as an exercise in futility, to try, desperately, to replace the functionality of infobot¬†without driving us insane. Part of that goal has been accomplished, and so we leave it out there for the world to use. Drop us a note if you decide to play with it. Maybe if we hit 1.0, we’ll actually write a few docs. This is really just a project for fun, so there really isn’t and hasn’t been a rallying cry for more documentation and support infrastructure, so, uh, there isn’t.

Playing with whatbot

Whatbot is a collection of modules distributed in one git repository, and shortly, over CPAN. To install all of whatbot:

  • Install Perl 5.14 or higher, and cpanm
  • git clone http://github.com/nmelnick/whatbot.git
  • cd whatbot
  • ./build-all-cpanm.sh

You may also deploy Whatbot using Docker. Dockerfiles are included in the repository for both deployment and development, or you can run it quickly by pulling the image directly from Docker Hub.

Developing for whatbot